From the sources

Download the latest release from GitHub.

$ tar -xf ldapcherry*.tar.gz
$ cd ldapcherry*
$ python install

Alternatively, you can install from git:

$ git clone
$ cd ldapcherry
$ python install

Installed files

ldapCherry install directories are:

  • /etc/ldapcherry/ (configuration)
  • dist-package or site-packages of your distribution (LdapCherry modules)
  • /usr/share/ldapcherry/ (static content (css, js, images…) and templates)

These directories can be changed by exporting the following variables before launching the install command:

# optional, default sys.prefix + 'share' (/usr/share/ on most Linux)
$ export DATAROOTDIR=/usr/local/share/

# optional, default /etc/
$ export SYSCONFDIR=/usr/local/etc/


if –root is passed, the install prefix is honored for these directories


If you change these directories, templates.dir and tools.staticdir.dir in ldapcherry.ini need to be modified accordingly.